Guardian Clarity™

What you don't see is what you get

The most basic concept of glass - the ability to actually see through it - can often be a paradox. While the glass itself is crystal clear, the surroundings provide obstacles to the view in the way of unwanted glare and reflection.

Guardian Clarity™ is our solution to this problem. Created using advanced glass coating technology, Guardian Clarity™ anti-reflective glass enables new possibilities in applications where reflection and glare can spoil the benefit of clear sight lines and amazing views.


There are an overwhelming number of glass types available for use in design. There are as many products and coatings as there are openings to cover. But when it comes to glare and reflection, there are few products that can match Guardian Clarity™ when used in exterior applications.

As experts in glass, we work every day finding new possibilities and making them come to life through our products. Here you can see the possibilities of Guardian Clarity™ and realise them through your own projects.