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To minimize the visual barrier and allow the customer to come as close as possible, without removing the protection, is key for an impactful, emotional experience.

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That’s why designing the showcase that houses the object is so important. 

With anti-reflective glass the customer can better see - and almost feel - the object. Making it even more realistic and beautiful than ever before. Since there is less reflection to distract the view, the emotional value increases. Customers actually feel closer to the product, which may move their hearts closer to a purchase.
This is especially important when the purpose is to display some of the world's most treasured objects and artefacts.
Using anti-reflective glass to remove unwanted glare and reflection provides a closer, more intimate interaction with the mask of Tutankhamen, the work of Leonardo da Vinci or that amazing piece of jewellery.

Products Benefits

To maximise the "invisible" effect of Guardian Clarity™ and highlight the products on display, it is combined with Guardian UltraClear™ low-iron glass. The use of UltraClear™ helps increase light transmission and neutralises the green color of standard glass for a crystal-clear appearance.

It's essential when designing with glass that you adopt the point of view of the user: will your guests, visitors, employees feel safe in this exceptional environment? Combining Guardian Clarity™ glass with Guardian LamiGlass® will help ensure a safe and secure experience.

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